Room in Roof Insulation


Room in Roof InsulationInsulating your room in your roof, or attic room, can make a substantial difference to the space all year round.  In winter, prior to insulation, these areas are often extremely cold and uncomfortable with many not being used for this reason.  In summer, they are often agonizingly hot and once again become an unusable area of the property, defeating the object of their existence.  With correct insulation installation these areas can be made comfortable and efficient as opposed to being of little use and a drain on energy due to dramatic heat loss.

The specialist task of correctly insulating these areas is performed by our PAS2030 fitting teams to ensure there are no cold spots in your room and ensure that the correct standard of work is adhered to at all times.  The products which we use to complete the fitting are all OFGEM approved.  This will provide you with a professional finish and long term satisfaction.

Insulating your attic room is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills, whilst providing you with a space which is comfortable to live in all year round.

How can we help?

To ascertain whether your home qualifies to be able to benefit from this service without charge to you an EPC (energy performance certificate) and GDA (green deal assessment) will need to be performed, which is extremely straightforward and is organised by us, once it has been established that the area in which your property is situated is incorporated into the scheme.

In a very short amount of time this simple process will allow you to determine whether your home is eligible for full assistance or whether a client contribution is required to complete the work. Please contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation survey.